Bear's Little Labs

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Available Puppies

We have a new litter of yellow and black puppies from Flo and Tank the Duck Dog. They were born June 14, 2021. There was a litter of 8. However all 8 have already been spoken for and at this writing, have gone to their homes.

We are planning a fall breeding of yellow to yellow, so if you are interested in having a Bear's lab, please contact us as early as possible.

Please see the photo gallery for the photos soon.


     Most of the puppies were sold to a waiting list.  If you have an interest in a puppy , contact us asap. 

    Thanks to all of you for loving Labs no matter where they have come from, and for giving many of our babies a great life and home. Please contact us; 931-857-4073 (h) and 931-581-8373 (c) or email  [email protected] .