Bear's Little Labs

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                                     Bear's Little Redcoat BJ of Huntfield      

BJ came to us from the Huntfield Kennels out of Mississippi. We have always loved the Fox Red color on the Labrador (see Bear and Paddy at Labs we have Loved), and since losing our males a few years ago we determined to find another at some point. The fox red color is not a rare color, rather an unusual color not seen as often as some other colors. As red as BJ is, he is still a yellow and is registered as such. Some of BJ's, not too far back, ancestors originated in England, and we find that he shares many traits with them. BJ is full of energy and drive, but at the same time as in the picture above, wants to love and be loved. It is our goal to breed his brilliant color into our varied girls for a beautiful broad spectrum of yellow color. We see here that after running and retrieving with his kennel mates he still wants to be loved and love you back, which by the way is the true trait of the Labrador Retriever.