Bear's Little Labs

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Little Rosie  - June '08 Litter (Snow)

This was little Rosie at almost eight weeks old and she went to live with Michael and Jill over in West Tennessee. As the picture below indicates, she has become quite a beautiful animal. To quote Jill, "Rosie is the sweetest, smartest puppy I have ever known. I cannot believe how incredible she is."

Jack - June '08 Litter (Snow)

Jack, (known to us as Blackie because of his black ribbon) was actually the smallest of the litter, not runt, just small. This is him looking straight at the camera. He went to a great home with Kelly and Ray near Louisville, KY.  Kelly writes, "we love him and couldn't have asked for a better puppy. He is turning out ot be a beautiful dog."   Below is one of the great pictures we have received of Jack.


Daisy - June '06 Litter (Snow)

Daisy was one of 12 from Snow's first litter in 2006. She was a pretty baby and as you can see by this early picture, she was a friskie little girl. She went to a wonderful home with Rachel, (a sixteen year old that wanted nothing but a Lab for her birthday), and her mom in Nashville. Mom writes "she is the smartest dog I have ever been around and she loves me so much....and the adoration she gives to me makes me love her even more." This is what we love to hear, that our puppies are being what the breed is meant to be, companions, whether to a family or to that hunter on the water. As the picture of recent shows, she is no longer "little Daisy"!


Ella - June '06 Litter (Snow)

Ella was also one of Snow's first puppies. She was a beautiful eserved little baby and had a very sweet disposition.  As we remember, Ella was the first to leave the litter (Joe cries for all of them) and we were a little sad to see her leave.  But knowing that she was going to a great home with Tim and wife in Goodletsville, TN we were all right. Tim writes this year to us that "she's a great dog - minds well, in fact she lives to please. Full of energy and plays a lot with her good friend Sissy(in photo)."  We love to see our Labs become good family members!

Cody - June '06 Litter (Snow)

Cody makes his home in Franklin, TN with Doug and a nice family with I believe four children. He was an energetic little fellow as a puppy, and according to Doug, he is indeed busy!  They came by to see us last year when Snow had more puppies. It was a treat to see such a great animal and the family that had loved and nurtured him to become such. Doug says, "he is a great family dog, nobody can believe his intelligence, demeanor,  gentleness, strength, speed, and his desire to be around anyone/everyone."

Drake- June '08 Litter (Snow)

This is Drake after a year of swimming and duckhunting with his new owner. John says, "Drake really loves his duck(training) and loves to swim".  John , like other owners will tell you that a Lab is positively the best companion that you can find.

Rocco (Pudge) in the Snow in SC!!

Add  Picture of Rocco (Maggie's Halloween '09 pups) in the unusual snow   that fell in Columbia, SC this past winter.  He loves his  family and  according to Jerry he knows all his commands and actually obeys them.